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Hi my name is Witicka (FKA "WHA Co."). You may know me for my famous David Bowie × Gorillaz mashup from 2016.
Welcome to my web-ite!

Unfinished Stuff

The following works are unfinished.
That means they are subject to change or removal at any time by my discretion. No titles are final.
If you like any of my music, (including this stuff!) feel free to use it in any of your personal projects, just link back to this website!
For commercial use, send e-mail through the contact link in the sidebar.
All projects made in FL Studio 20, unless otherwise noted.

[2022-06-04] "Cushiony"

Rare instance of a radio length song from me.

[2022-08-23] "Physgun"


[2022-05-23] BRADIO - Flyers [Witicka Version]

A cover of the chorus of Flyers, the opening song from the anime Death Parade.

[2022-05-22] "Circumcision"

I have circumcised the amen break!!

[2021-07-08] AFX - Every Day [Witicka Version]

A cover of the song Every Day, by AFX. Vocals are me.

[2022-05-05] "Bad To The Bone"

Chopped up boomer riff and amens in 15 time.

[2020-08-22] "CRC 9AE50CA4"

Salida outtake. Main sample taken from a scratched up, skipping Freddie King CD.

[2020-06-14] "Inspector Bones (The Bones Inspector)"

Salida outtake. Theme song of Inspector Bones.

[2021-10-04] "7/4 Amen"

…or 8/8+6/8, or two bars of 4/4 and two of 3/4, whatever.